The natural language which we exchange experiences between ourselves and with the whole surrounding environment is a sensory language

The study of different humanities has allowed us to look at the fairy tale from a different perspective.
We realized that this specific form of narration has contents expressed in its own language.
Unlike what is commonly thought, fairy tales do not convey concepts or ideas, but use words to tell images.
The image we are dealing with is not an external representation, for example the photo on the cover of a magazine, but is the internal product of an intense sensorial perception.

The intense perceptions recorded by smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight are Images

The fairy tale is the narration of these images and uses the appropriate language, we have defined it Language of Images.
To understand what an ancient fairy tale tells, it is necessary to know the essential rules with which it is expressed.

The basic level of FairyTale Therapy includes a specific handout that illustrates in a simple and direct way the peculiar characteristics of this language and the formidable usefulness that its knowledge brings to our life.