The FairyTales have a refined and extremely effective behavioral profiling system

By studying classic fairy tales as ancient teaching texts for many years, among the various discoveries, we have identified a behavioral profiling system that has been refined over more than 1000 years, based on the experiences of peoples living from the Mediterranean basin to the northern European lands.
This means that Fairy Tales have given us a system with an excellent level of refinement.
It was necessary to integrate the study of different disciplines to be able to transform the peculiarity of this knowledge into a system suitable for our times.
We have structured and tested it, then made it available to a varied audience, made up of individuals who are curious or interested in their own improvement / change and evolution.

Now we can offer companies and all those entering the professional world this profiling system which is of extraordinary linearity, effectiveness and speed.

The streamlined and practical structure is based on the identification of four types of behavior and the interactions between them.

In the FairyTales of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots, these types are told down to the smallest detail through the language that we have defined Language for Images©.

It is a behavioral and sensory language that reveals with extreme accuracy the type of belonging we define as Macro Path and with it the characteristics / movements that belong to it.

The applications in the professional field are many and range from the simple identification of the type suitable to cover specific roles in the company, to group seminars to optimize the productivity and interaction of a work team, to the identification of work areas consistent with one’s own behavioral mode to achieve a high level of optimization.

An essential aspect of this method, rooted in ancient and popular wisdom, is the gentle, familiar approach that creates a relaxed atmosphere and leads the candidates or participants into a welcoming position, without which false and temporary results are obtained

Modern studies have ascertained that the selection, orientation and training systems that favor the empathic-behavioral approach over the psychological one, provide results with high levels of consistency, creating the conditions for cooperation groups with maximum performance.

Identifying the limits and strengths of individual behavioral types and the synergies between them raises the point of resilience with a consequent reduction in stress.

We invite everyone to deepen the practicality of this method.

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