The FairyTale Therapy course introduces unusual meanings compared to those more commonly known and attributed to the Fairy Tale.
It provides knowledge of the specific structure and language that distinguishes this particular form of storytelling.

The Fairy Tale so observed and understood shows itself for what it is:
a sequence of functions or behavioral dynamics

The technique we propose should not be confused with the homonymous one used by some psychotherapists in order to bring out traumas or memories buried in the unconscious through the symbolic interpretation of the fairy tale.

FairyTale Therapy is thus preparatory to achieving the best condition of well-being.
It aims to offer the ability to recognize the main behavioral characteristics, to clearly trace resources, limits, and discover the key to overcoming the critical points of each dynamic.

Learning these elements allows you to take advantage of the fairy tale as a therapeutic tool that bases its strength on reading the images told.

The four behavioral dynamics covered by the basic FairyTale Therapy course are illustrated with handouts, tests, examples and a detailed analysis of the four famous fairy tales that best tell them: Cinderella, Snow White, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty.

In each of the four Macro Paths we can discover the mode of action of the Antagonist function, as well as of the Giver function and so on.
It is necessary to emphasize, for a clearer understanding, that the functions expressed in a Fairy Tale are not characters but components of the same behavioral dynamic and therefore all together determine a single image.

Knowing the sequences of the narrative functions makes it detectable the way of conduct in concrete situations, both daily and in non-ordinary aspects of life and facilitates its efficiency.

Try a sample: Practical Guide to FairyTale Therapy
Try a sample: “The 4 Paths

Those who wish to have a personal experience of the concepts acquired in the basic course of Fairy Tale Therapy can participate in the Fairy Tale Method The Dance of Images©.
A particular and unique way of writing your own Fairy Tale in which personal images are told and the original behavioral pattern is discovered.