All the traditions of the world narrate that every being is given a Soul.
And what is the name by which this deep,
original and impalpable essence is defined,
it is a Primeval Image on which the whole path of every life takes shape.
The “first bow” is the first movement of a dance, the beginning and at the same time the seed
which contains in a nutshell the complete tree that will become.
Everything starts with this Original Image.
An individual, a situation, a civilization, a world.
Going up the foliage, the stem and the roots,
it is possible to find that first Image that contains,
as the ancients would say, fate or as more suited to us, the Purpose.
This Image contains who we really are, what are our resources, skills and above all
what we really care about accomplishing and for which we have been gifted.
Only by remembering what this Image is, awakening it from the depths in which it originated,
everything will take its right place and what is often
a convulsive and incoherent movement
it will “magically” become a dance.