Writing your own Fairy Tale is a path of self-initiation and self-knowledge

The Dance of Images© is a method of writing one’s own fairy tale for the understanding and activation of the original individual behavioral dynamics.

In the Fairy tale there are essential functions, we have identified seven, which outline the complete pattern of conduct.

Writing your own fairy tale in compliance with these functions encourages the emergence of the conscious state of the behavioral sequence that everyone applies, unconsciously, in all situations of life.

It therefore means to dialogue with ourselves in a different, profound and natural language, which allows us to reconnect with the original and powerful parts, allied but too often forgotten.

Writing the fairy tale according to the Dance of Images Method has been defined as a journey, by others a birth, by some an unimaginable discovery.

For all it has given way to a profound change, or as we like to call it, a self-initiation.

It makes fully active your own optimized behavioral dynamic, the one we received at birth

“… Our genes not only influence the color of our eyes and other anatomical features of ours, but they also play an important part in determining how we behave.
… Today it is widely recognized that we are programmed at birth by a series of genetic suggestions on how to behave if we are to enjoy life to the full.
We can be educated to discard from these suggested paths, but by doing so we risk running into a wide range of frustrations and mental disorders, because the new courses of conduct do not adapt to the biological personality of the species.
You may have noticed that I used the expression “genetic suggestions” and not “genetic instructions”.
It is because these influences are not rigid and we can slightly modify them in one direction or another without causing too much damage.
It is only when we deviate from our ancient patterns of behavior that trouble begins. “

Desmond Morris, re-edition “The Naked Ape”

Writing your own Fairy Tale is an adventure to discover who we really are, a travel “only the brave!”

The recomposition of the essential functions and the reactivation of the complete individual dynamics is the purpose of the path.


The writing process takes place online and lasts 3 months.
An email address is required for exclusive interaction with the creators of the Method Evelina Gialloreto and Tiziana Grimaldi.
Indications are provided for a first draft which must contain the seven essential functions.
The study of the Images told in the first draft is followed by feedback for identifying coherent functions and distinguishing them from illusory ones.
A second and finally a third and final draft follows.

At the end of the course, the work sheet is provided in which are indicated in detail:
– the Macro Path of belonging of the individual behavioral dynamics;
– an indication of the images / personal functions that emerged (Giver, Gift, etc.);
– the peculiar characteristics of the “Antagonist” function and the way to overcome it.

Information and contact: info@incantasogni.it

So that there are no misunderstandings, it is specified that Evelina Gialloreto and Tiziana Grimaldi, creators of the Method, are not psychologists and therefore the fairy tale will not be interpreted according to the principles of psychology or through the symbols of psychoanalysis. The fairy tales will be read and observed respecting the characteristics of the “Language for Images”, typical of the fairy tale narrative, which therefore follows the observation of the sequences of the images told.