Cinderella, Snow White, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty:
4 Paths that tell who we are

The study of fairy tales has revealed to us that human behavior can be traced back to 4 macro inclusive paths of all humanity.
These patterns of conduct are admirably told in: Cinderella, Snow White, Puss in Boots and Sleeping Beauty.

The images told in sequence in the four fairy tales allow us to see with clarity and authenticity the fundamental behavioral dynamics of each of us.

Why is it useful to recognize the 4 macro Paths?

For 3 good reasons, at least!

Because n ° 1
Because I want to rapidly and substantially improve any interaction and communication with people in family, emotional and working life.
Which macro Path does the employer or his collaborators belong to? And the colleagues? The partner in life, my father and my mother or… the mother-in-law?
Knowing this makes a huge difference!
Knowing the macro paths of belonging of the people I interact with on a daily basis, I can quickly and effectively act to overcome friction and misunderstanding … and everything that was once a “problem” turns into the opportunity to get involved with “new cards to play “.
Building harmonious, sincere interactions, free in expression while respecting one’s own nature and that of others, is the best gift!

Because n ° 2
Because I am faced with an important choice in my life
Knowing the peculiar characteristics, limits, resources, movements of the macro Path of belonging, allows me to understand with simplicity why I make some decisions, I perform certain actions, the reasons that push me to certain behaviors.
Thus, in moments of great change and choice such as for the course of study or a new job, the start of a business, the new home, the identification of a partner or collaborator, all events that require investment of resources. , it will be possible to clearly see the development of what I am about to undertake and move at best, in harmony with authentic nature.

Because n ° 3
Because I want to dare …
… even if I don’t have particular points of difficulty, I want to optimize my behaviors because I am oriented towards full realization and complete well-being!