The image of our world is changing

That the world is changing seems obvious to us!

It is true that life brings with it constant changes, but this time the matter seems serious because, from our point of view, it is the image on which our whole world is built that is changing.
And even if it is a usual event, narrated many times in ancient myths, on the other hand there are evolutionary passages that more than others give rise to unimaginable scenarios, both grandiose and terrifying at the same time. And it is natural that in the face of transitions of such magnitude and complexity a little human being can feel, let’s say, a little lost!

In the past, following the ancient writings, a guide has always appeared in these situations, someone in charge of rescue.
We are used to waiting for this someone to come to show us the procedures to follow, as the flight attendants do when they report the vests and emergency exits.
This time, however, things seem different and in our opinion the explanation is inherent in the new Image that is gaining strength.
Because to guide us towards the emergency exit there is not a hero or a savior, but the overall Wisdom or Intelligence of the Human Species.

And we are all part of it as human beings and as such endowed with a natural possibility of connection with this gigantic information hub that for millions of years has been collecting and selecting optimal strategies and experiences for the survival and evolution of all of us.
Therefore? No problem!?

There is a problem, because in the course of growth, most individuals “inexplicably” almost totally renounce the use of this connection, deeming it inadequate and the exclusive prerogative of childhood.
What are we talking about?
Language for Images ©

Our discovery is that the Intelligence of the Species communicates through an ancient code
which we called “Language for Images©

The language that we all know as children but that we usually abandon during growth to make room for the language of words that dominates the world of adults.

So to jump into the future you have to become a child again
No, it is necessary to reactivate that one, real, natural and effective form of human communication to get indications from the shared intelligence of our species and understand what we really need both as individuals and as an overall group.

Each of us is called to do our part for ourselves and for others, focusing on our own specificity and having the responsibility to explore it so that all the Species benefit from it. And to do this we are all called to discover and recognize our Original Image.

And if so far the answer to the question “Who am I?” it was a wish or an ambition for a few, for the future answering this question is an essential need.
The only shared value among all human beings to create the Image of the Future together.