Cinderella’s Prince Charming

It may seem obvious that the “happily ever after” is the culmination of the coveted dream of marriage.
But if that were the case, it seems rather naive to us to think that five centuries ago they had not experienced the marital bond and how often it can be anything but roses and flowers.

And without breaking the spell, for those who have crossed the threshold of the doors, it is quite clear that the couple relationship is a full-time commitment in which the will and the feeling are not sufficient for a successful outcome.
To think that this awareness had not in the least surfaced in previous generations seems to us an act of excessive arrogance.
Hence the obvious question.
If the image of the prince is not just the handsome man with whom “to waltz” or a “good match” to make sure, what is it really?

From our point of view, in a precise reading of the images contained in the fairy tale, the charming prince represents the purpose of his own existence.
The ancients called it fate, destiny according to some. In our opinion, these words have taken on an improper connotation in the modern era that implies a lack of freedom, a sort of curse or power that dominates the human, condemning him to unpleasant events.
The Fate of the Ancients translates into the modern term of Purpose.
A trajectory towards which existence tends and which is the path on which each individual can best express their abilities. We are reminded of Nureyev, Oriana Fallaci, Tolkien, Magritte and all those who have been able to channel their own particularity and make it excellence.
This is the Purpose, that “Destiny” that represents the project of the Soul, the path along which difficulties activate resources, strengthening them.
And the obstacles that will inevitably be encountered along the way are steps that gradually train, train and push you to the next step, until you reach the goal.

The path contained in Cinderella tells us how every life goes through a sequence of obstacles and very precise stages to reach the realization of its Purpose.
Purpose that she meets and with which she dances to then “lose” him at the stroke of midnight and return to everyday life.
But to a careful eye, looking at the Walt Disney cartoon, it does not escape that while it dusts and cleans it continues to hum the song of the dance.

He met his Purpose for the first time, the “true love” of the life of each of us.
From there Cinderella will walk the path that will lead her to be “taken by the hand”, “crowned”, to live “happily ever after”, as well as any human being who has “married” their Purpose in life.