“A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses,
it is an idea that possesses the mind”
Robert Oxton Bolt

FairyTale Therapy is an effective tool for the conscious understanding and optimization of human behavior and the achievement of the best quality of life.

The numerous disciplines that study the functioning of the human mind have long since ascertained that actions, decisions and choices are almost never determined by exclusively rational reasons.
There is always a deeper and more complex reason that moves them.

FairyTale Therapy is a simple and direct way to get as close as possible to discovering the deep meanings that determine our actions

To fully grasp the purpose of the course, it is imperative to remember that every human being must first of all ensure survival and for this purpose adopt a series of suitable operating methods.

Most individuals learn behavior patterns in a mostly automatic and unconscious way.

But like the force exerted by survival, so is the need for self-realization.

To satisfy the latter, it is necessary to become aware of the conduct scheme used, verify its effectiveness and otherwise optimize it.

But it is not common to train, that is to teach to know and consciously optimize one’s behavior.

To achieve realization requires conscious training or preparation

In reality, just by studying the fairy tales that in fact are the most popular narrative ever existed, it is evident how the need for realization is essential, like survival, and how it is a shared and not precluded perspective.

In the unfolding of the story, the fairy tales show in a natural way the patterns of behavior or behavioral dynamics optimized.

FairyTale Therapy aims to satisfy the established and ever-increasing need for training or self-training, necessarily including active and conscious participation

Starting from these assumptions, the basic course analyzes the dynamics expressed in the four specific fairy tales, Snow White, Cinderella, Puss in Boots and Sleeping Beauty, in which the general optimized behavioral modalities are collected, including all of humanity.

Essentially exploring the unfolding of one’s or others’ behavior is otherwise very difficult.

The conscious investigation of a dynamic allows you to know, refine and optimize it, with a view to a consistent improvement and use of your resources.