Well yes! We did it, we found the Magic Formula !!
Let’s talk about fairy tales, of course!
Topic to which we dedicate studies and research and of which above all we have been experiencing the strength on the skin for more or less 20 years.
And at the end of all this path, at least up to now, we have understood, discovered, a simple thing: too many words, too many interpretations, too many symbols and meanings stuck together.
What unites fairy tales and myths are the Images, period.
And, from our perspective, the words needed to write the fairy tale so that it is legible from the rational part must be at the exclusive service of the Images.
Precise, punctual brushstrokes that in the end make up the whole picture.
It is that painted image that counts and that must be observed.

We do not agree with the psychological interpretation of Fairy Tales,
linked to humiliations, shortcomings, abandonments, redemptions, acceptances, shame and so on and so forth

Also because after having “discovered” that Cinderella the scullery maid felt humiliated and that she had experienced the trauma of abandonment due to the death of her parents, what do we do?
Pain and suffering are conditions that every human being lives, in his own specificity, as belonging to the species.
So, what is it? Are we given the hope that something happens and that in the end “they all lived happily ever after”?
Relegating the use of the fairy tale to a healing tool that therefore presupposes any type of disorder is reductive and misleading, from our point of view.

Fairy tales are bridges that build or reconstitute the interrupted communication with that deep and authentic part of us that is not expressed through the filter of words but through the code of the “Language for Images©

So, how can the writing of a fairy tale actually act in life and improve it or even change it?
It Can!
The images told in fairy tales must be observed for what they are and not for what we think they mean.
We believe, indeed no, we know that fairy tales are a formidable enhancer that allows us to look at ourselves in an authentic way.
Any brave person who wants to undertake the Path with the Fairy Tale Method The Dance of Images© will experiment with the use of the “Language for Images ©”.
This unusual form of writing and reading leads to one’s own images that are told clearly, effectively, without frills.
Their observation, not interpretation, reveals to each of us the map, its own magic formula.